What I miss about South Africa

Did you know that September is Tourism  and heritage month?  They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I will have to agree.  Nothing has made me miss South Africa like being in a country that doesn’t speak English.

Since moving to Poland, I’ve found myself missing the big things and the little things, but even though South Africa has a lot of problems it’s still one of the most beautiful and diverse places to live.

Thanks to this collaboration with TravelStart, I get to reminisce about all the things I miss about South Africa, if you’re looking for flights to London, or anywhere else they are the company to go with.


  1. Sunsets and Sunrises.  I’m sure the sunsets and sunrises are amazing here, but I have not seen one yet.  When we arrived the sun only went down at midnight, and I have no idea when the sun rises, I’m really grateful for black out curtains.  The sunsets in South Africa are always a feast for the eyes, It doesn’t matter if you’re on a mountain in Cape Town or in a field in Joburg, the sunsets make you want to write songs about Africa
  2. Food.  Flings, romany creams, koeksisters, milktarts, rusks, samoosas, bunny chows, rotis. I miss it all! Flings are on the top of my list.
  3. A rainbow community.  The thing I miss the most is the diversity, seeing people of all races, all countries, coming together to make the beautiful melting pot that is South Africa.
  4. J walking in peace.  People are really anal about  J walking here, people follow the rules to a t you will be standing by a pedestrian crossing for 5 minutes with no car coming and people will just be waiting for it to turn green.  It feels like I’m waiting my life away.
  5. Birds. Africa is filled with vibrant birds, louries, hadedas, india minahas and a lot of other ones I don’t know the names of.  Guys, I’m so sick of seeing crows it’s like being stuck in an Edgar Allan Poe poem.
  6. Spice or anything with a little heat.  Finding things that are actually spicy is hard to find here in Poland.  The chilli flavoured anything is a JOKE!
  7. Cold drinks.  Finding a cold beverage is a mission, finding a good old cold soda can have you running around getting dehydrated, wondering why you just didn’t drink that warm Pepsi.
  8. Shops that are open on Sundays not just two Sundays a month.  I get it, keeping the sabbath day holy and family should spend more time together, but tell that to a toddler that just ran out of wipes and diapers all at the same time.   Not even the petrol stations have diapers!
  9. Series that doesn’t have a Polish man doing all the voice overs for every character.  Deep Polish voice playing everyone in big bang theory check, me watching shows on netflix instead, check!
  10. Fry’s Vegetarian food, being able to go into any grocery store and leaving with all those Fry’s deliciousness.
  11. Smiling friendly people.  The one thing I miss more than anything is going for a walk and everyone greeting you, seeing pure joy on peoples faces while they are walking, talking extremely loudly and laughing.  People in South Africa find happiness no matter their situation, they find something to laugh and smile about.  Here it’s hard to find anyone smiling while walking, you smile and say good morning to people here and they give you the crazy stink eye look.

but even with all the things I miss in South Africa, I am truly grateful for this adventure we are on being able to travel all over Europe and being able to explore all the little nooks and crannies.  Travel is something you can’t put a price on, it’s one of those things that will make you grow and help shape you and give you so many memories that make your life complete.  All our friends get cheap flights to London from South Africa, we got a kind of expensive flight to Poland instead, but we will most likely go to London and see all those friends as soon as we can!  I need to get a butterbeer of course!

What are some things you would miss from South Africa or missed when you were abroad, where have you travelled to? or are you and expat right now?  Where do you still want to go? Let’s chat and start a conversation!


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