Favourite Swimsuits for Summer

Things are finally starting to heat up in Cape Town, and with that comes swimsuit season.  Soon beach weather will be everyday and you will have to drag Arren and I from his favourite sandpit.

Since Arren has been born I’ve started seeing the world through new eyes, everything is fun again, and this Summer is going to be a summer filled with sandy toes, salty hair and ice cream kisses.  I can’t wait to dip little Arren’s toes in the water and see his little face when he experiences the ocean water for the first time.

I’ve been scouring the internet as soon as spring rolled in, in search of that perfect swimsuit, you know the one I’m talking about? The one that just screams, you don’t look like you’ve had a baby 10 months ago.  The one that will make me feel comfortable and give me just the right coverage to not feel like maybe I should have worked out a bit harder during winter and not have grabbed that extra cup of cocoa instead.   I’ve been focusing a lot on self love lately trying to not let insecurities prevent me from doing things, so this summer I’m going to frolic in the sun like it’s no ones business, because I’m a Goddess and I will feel like one!

It’s going to be easy feeling like a Goddess with Superbalist’s new women’s swimsuits for the season.  If you ever wanted to feel beyond fabulous you should just take a look at their selection!  It’s got something for any type of woman.  If you’re a one piece girl like me or a two piece flaunt it if you got it girl.  It doesn’t matter, because either way you will look beautiful at the beach or poolside.

Their swimfluencer post helped me find the perfect styles for me this Summer, even though it was hard to choose with options like:

The classic black Full piece.  That screams class, femininity and sporty all in one piece.

The boob tube.  Gives that perfect vintage feel, without feeling too much.

Baywatch.  No, you wont find Zac Effron waiting for you by the pool, but you will feel like a babe while sporting a classic red swimsuit.

The Nautical Halterneck: a Striped halterneck can go from the beach to a cafe look in an instant, all while feeling like you’re just as fabulous as Gwen Stefani in the 90’s.

The Strappy one.  Ruffles and straps do I even have to say more?

The embroidered one.  These swimsuits don’t even look like swimsuits? they take a day at the pool to being the best dressed toe dipper around.

Bardot Lace up.  A few years ago, before the Bardot shoulder got popular I told Carl that the Bardot shoulder will become trendy again, and low and behold it did and for good reason.  Feeling vintage and beautiful is a no brainer in this suit.

With all these choices how could I possibly choose which ones I would be rocking this season? Even though it was hard I feel like my top picks that you will definitely find me in is.

These two from the classic black full piece.

Black cut out swimsuit

Suzy One piece

Because just like a little black dress you need to have a classic black swimsuit in your wardrobe right now.

These two from the Baywatch collection:

Bardot Frill swimsuit

Halterneck swimsuit

They have just the perfect amount of coverage and drama that I want for a day at the beach and who doesn’t feel good in red?

These two from the Embroidered Collection

Embroidered plunge swimsuit

Floral embroidered swimsuit

Because having such beautiful detail on your body will just make your smile shine a little brighter.

You guys are in serious luck, because when you sign up you get R250 voucher when you spend R600 and to make things easier they have a pretty amazing app which makes online shopping from your phone a dream, for android and ios.  So you really don’t have any excuses.

Hope to see you guys at the beach soon.



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