an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ On one of our daily walks we saw this cute family of guinea fowl, just running around.  Can you spot them?


^^ After a rough night, that I’m blaming sugar on this view was wonderful!  I decided to make a batch of ghost brownies for Halloween and just eat one…. I don’t know if it was because I haven’t had sugar in so long, but I had a whole lot of nightmares, and I just couldn’t sleep at all.  Maybe the marshmallow ghost was just haunting me from the inside.


^^ Sugar free, gluten free witches fingers thanks to Food faith fit, is it weird to eat fingers after Halloween?


^^ on our way somewhere we happened to see all these kites! It was really a sight to behold!


^^ Pretty flowers everywhere.


^^ When pigs fly? Yes, it finally happened guys!


^^ My pretty new diaper bag,hung up and ready.  I just want to use it already!


^^ We started our maintenance weekends? and boy, has it been hard! I forgot to take a before photo of this area, but after the first mow it seems like we have to still trim this down AND we still have that entire upper area to go!


^^ Hocus Pocus and a delicious finger cookie for this pregnant lady.

Happy Halloween!  How was your weekend? did you guys get up to anything fun and halloweeny?  I made some ghost brownies and fingers, we had a rather relaxed weekend, kind of our first one since moving into our new place.  It felt so good to finally take a bit of a breather and just enjoy our new home.  The best medicine is just to lie in bed a little longer on the weekend, instead of just rushing around to get stuff done!

an instant of life captured for eternity

Mondays are definitely for off days.  Thank you Jewish holidays for extra fun times! We’ve really been all over the show with doing things this weekend.  From a ginger beer date at a farm to museum Mondays.   Its been one fun weekend, but boy has it been unbelievably hot, like pass out in a pool and melt away kind of hot.  I’m hoping for rain so my plants will be happy.  A rain dance might be in order.


^^ We headed over to Maggies country farm and got treated to this view and some really bland ginger beer, it tasted like gingerbug, not the actual delicious beer.  The view made up for it.


^^ Cute ducks splashing in the pond.  We also saw catfish jumping out the water, so strange, yet so cool.


^^ Farm selfie.  Peace!


^^ These little animals are al hand woven beads.  Amazing right?

Wind pump mill

^^ On our way back home we stopped at this little antic shop. It was closed, but the outside area was filled with strange and wonderful things.  A hoarders dream garden, I would say.


^^ They must get a lot of mail.


^^ Its plant time!

Wheelbarrow planter

^^ Wheelbarrow with lavender growing out of it! Take my money!
Black stallion

^^ Fire came by to say hello.  Hello, fire!

Origins Museum

^^ Museum Monday!

Origins museum

^^ The museum was filled with information about ancient rock art.  I wouldn’t mind getting wallpaper like this.


^^ Museum love.

To be or not to be

^^ To be or not to be.  That is the question.

How was your weekend?

How To Keep Your Plants Happy and Healthy


I’m not an expert when it comes to gardening, but I have had great success with my gardens so far.  Gardening has become my zen place, the place I can just get my hands dirty and grow beautiful flowers, vegetables and herbs.  Believe me once you’ve planted your first garden you will not want to stop.  Growing your own vegetables is such a rewarding experience, harvesting your first tomato or any other vegetable just gives you a sense of pride.  It has not been an easy journey, I’ve had my share of pests ( aphids, I hate you), bad luck and just bad research on my part.  In the end the rewards out weigh some failures.

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  1. RESEARCH:  Its easy to go to a nursery and just pick a bunch of pretty flowers and vegetable seeds, but you have to do your research.   Start googling that specific type of flower and see how to take care of it.  Some plants require special care so its best to research.  When it comes to choosing  vegetable seed varieties, always make sure you choose a variety that will flourish in your climate.
  2. LIQUID FERTILIZER:  Your plants will thank you for giving them a little nutrient boost once a week.  I get my liquid fertilizer from a nursery close by, the stuff smells so bad, but a little goes a long way.
  3. SOIL: Well drainage soil is a must for plants,  they want a shower not a bath.
  4. MORNING WATERING:  Water your garden in the morning so it will conserve water and not get mildew.
  5. GIANT FERNS: I love our giant hanging ferns and keeping them looking great is not as hard as it would seem. Get a large bucket add 2 tbsp epsom salt and a gallon of water.  Let your fern sit in the water for 10 minutes before you hang it up.  You only have to do this once a week.
  6. LEFT OVER WATER FROM BOILING OR STEAMING VEGETABLE:  Use this water for watering your garden.  Its just the nutrient soup your plants will love.
  7. INDOOR PLANTS:  Over watering is your enemy! Just don’t do it!  Wait till the soil is dry and give you plants a light water shower.


I hope you found these tips helpful in some way. If I can grow a garden with a bunch of mean horses trying to eat everything, you can too.

Gardening Tips For Beginners

Growing your own vegetable garden is something anyone can do with the right tips and research.  You can grow a vegetable garden with a small space or a large space.  Its something you can grow in containers, gutters, raised beds or straight in the ground.

DSC02041 DSC02040 DSC02038 DSC02037 DSC02036 DSC02035 DSC02030 DSC02018 DSC02023 DSC02025 DSC02028 DSC02015 DSC02010 DSC02009 DSC01835 DSC01834 DSC01746 DSC01905

Here are some of my tips for beginners:


  1. Start with good soil : Raised beds are an effect way to grow vegetables.  I did mine the affordable way by laying out bricks, digging up the soil that was in that area and mixing it with a good compost, you want good drainage for a successful garden.
  2. Affordable support for vegetables: When my tomato plants started growing I went and bought bamboo reeds, they are an affordable way of supporting vegetable plants and they are pleasing to the eye.  You just stick it into the ground close to the tomato plant and gently tie the plant to the stick.  For my runner beans, I planted them close to a wall, nailed four nails into the wall and hung up two strings so they can run up and I can place them where ever I want.
  3. Save your banana peels: an easy way to get nutrients in your soil, is to bury small strips of banana peels next to your vegetables.  This really made my vegetables go from okay to wow!
  4. Save those coffee grounds! coffee grounds make a great fertilizer and also stops those pesky snails from destroying your garden.  Add the grounds directly to your soil.
  5. Super Gro / Miracle Gro: This natural product is great for growth and will do wonders for your container garden. Super Gro is meant to improve the quality and quantity of water as required by these crops and plants for wonderful growth and production by adding the essential nutrients they require for that purpose.
  6. Start a hanging or gutter garden: If you’re lacking space, one of these gardens will work great for you.
  7. Keeping birds out of your garden: If you’re having a problem with birds in your garden, placing string around your vegetables will do wonders.  Also hanging reflectors around will also help.

Those are just a few of my tips.  I hope it will helps some beginners out there.  Happy gardening.

P.S  I’ve got some serious bed head hair going on.  I woke up in the mood to harvest some vegetables.