We barely made it to Sopot

What do you do when you try to run to sopot a little too late on a extremely busy day?

You reach the first beach of Sopot and call it a day.

We went to sopot beach over the weekend and completely underestimated how busy the walkway was going to be, we planned on running the entire way and getting to the heart of sopot in no time.  Boy, were we wrong!

The amount of slow walkers, trying to casually enjoy their weekend, by walking as slow as they possibly can really put a halt to our plans, if it was only the speed of said people it would have been fine, but it’s like the slowest of people making human walls, with the amount of people walking on this narrow path.

We also went a little bit later than we expected to go,  so getting to sopot soon turned into a well this is good enough adventure.

The beach was really nice and Arren even went into the water! I think he was really confused about the water being so warm, but that didn’t stop him from matching all the other European men, by wearing a dress shirt with no pants on the beach.

Next time we might actually get to sopot!  Here’s hoping.