Bad Luck and Long Coats

We’ve been suffering from a case of the bad luckies, hopefully we will get all the bad luck out of our systems before next week Thursday. No one needs bad luck on a plane for 18 hours.

It all started when I slowly kicked my camera off the bed.  Guys, I kicked it so slowly, I jumped up and screamed Oh NOOOOOOO in shock, not thinking about saving it, it worked straight after its fall, but the day after it refused to work, its still showing a focus error and its not really worth paying more than its worth to fix it.  So now I’m camera less and sulking like crazy, haha.  Carl, got stung by a wasp on our hike this week, I broke the coffee plunger, stepped on a piece of glass that was stuck in my foot for 2 days.  After endless googling to find a solution we decided to use the castor oil method, needless to say it didn’t work, I got addicted to the caramel chocolate smell of the castor oil, couldn’t stop smelling it, wanted to drink it, luckily Carl talked some sense into me, by telling me all the horror stories of castor oil.   Carl finally got the piece of glass out this morning, by wiggling it out with a needle.  It was really painful, but its out and I can walk again!

We’ve been looking at the weather in Ireland and it seems COLD, being born in South Africa, I’ve been spoilt with hot weather, mostly unpleasant hot weather, but a warm climate non the less, even the winters here are bearable.  A jacket and you are good to go. I’ve seen crop tops happening during winter, get the picture?   I hardly have clothes left after donating most of it, and looking for winter clothes in Summer is impossible! So we will make due with what we have now, and go on a little shopping spree over there. Whoohooo, for shopping sprees.

So here is to dreaming about long coats, made out  of comfort and warmed, with a splash of style.


(Source) The prettiest, pinkiest, cutest and fluffiest coat in all the land.  You just want to cuddle up with this on.


( Source)


( Source) I also love those shoes.


( Source) because the warmest of jackets look like blankets.


( Source) You can never have enough fluffy leopard print jackets.

How do you survive Winter?

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