an instant of life captured for eternity

The weekend went by at a record speed.  It still feels like Friday,  It was here one second and gone the next. Weekend?! Why so short?!  I feel like I lost a good deal of time standing in a queue getting my passport and new ID, but you know what, I really didn’t mind one bit.  I was all smiles while standing in the queue, I think I was scaring everyone, no one should be that happy when standing in a queue for hours at home affairs, but I’m no longer in limbo! My surname exists and I officially took Carl’s surname.  My smile was quickly wiped away when I glanced at my new ID card and saw they used my passport photo,  apparently the whole world needs to identify me by my ears.  Thanks, weird passport rules.

On Sunday we decided to go see a play of Sweeney Todd at monte casino.  Guys, when you go to a play never expect a Broadway production or even some grand Guinol madness.  No, expect to see simple jack from tropic thunder or what ever I witnessed! Face palm galore!  For some reason the guy playing Sweeney Todd decided the look he wanted to go for was Murphy from Z nation.  Why? I can’t tell you.


I kind of expected them to start doing zombie related things at any second.  He also sounded like he was going to announce: next time on the walking dead at any second.  Don’t even get me started on the girl playing Joanna, her voice was so thin and somehow deep that you could hardly hear her sing.  It was entertaining, even a bad play is a good play.  On our way home we did see some giraffes and ostriches, while passing the lion park, it made the shlep all the way there worth it.

Box of tomatoes

^^ We might be frugal from now on, but a box of tomatoes is always a good idea.  We bought two boxes.


^^ Queue.  I felt really lucky to be in the queue in the shade.


^^ I know what you’re thinking ; another sunset photo? No! I was trying to get a photo of the fire in the distance.  Also, pretty sunset!


^^ Don’t ever give your husband sparklers.  Someone will just get hurt.  Burnt finger alert.


^^ I’m an excellent sparkler handler.


^^ Casinos are filled with strange things.


^^ Like this.


^^ and this.


^^ This


^^ and finally this!

How was your weekend?

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