an instant of life captured for eternity

Life is good when your mother’s day flowers are still going strong.  There is just something wonderful about flowers in the house.  It just brings some cheer into a little corner.  These are sitting pretty on the dinning room table, making me forget all about the fact that I have laundry to fold.

^^ This beautiful boy of mine.  He’s been all about his soft toys lately, he’s getting a tooth and just loves nibbling on bunnies ears.

^^ Putting up gallery walls to make the little house of ours a home for the next couple of months. 

^^ Arren and this teething ring.  He shakes it around like a little tambourine if you follow me on instagram, you would have seen the little song Carl and Arren did together.  They make a good little band.  Also take note of his beautiful cat eyes.

^^ When this guy smiles he really smiles.  I just love his little gummy smile so much! His grammy made him this little sleeper, its the cutest thing ever.  He looks like a little baby boomer.

^^ I never want to forget his sleeping face, it seems like all his baby fat just settles in his cheeks and his eyebrows gets a hint of red, when the little sleep smiles start, I feel like the best mom around.

^^ Taking a little shade break by the rock.

^^ The silliest photo ever.  He looks so ridiculous, the way too small hat, Christmas socks and that look on his face, makes me want to kiss him all over!

^^ Arren has his passport! Just look at that face.

^^ Pretty decorations at an ice cream shop.