8 Months with Arren Yuki

It seems like time has really started speeding up now, my precious baby boy is 8 months old!  One more month and he would have been outside as long as he was inside.  Just kidding, Arren was late to the party and made me feel like an elephant pregnancy.  Almost ten months of carrying him on the inside!

These updates are starting to get harder and harder.  Not just because my beautiful baby is turning into a toddler, but because he just does not want to sit still.  He is always on the move and is always getting himself into mischief.  He’s really started scooting now, and has become the best yogi at the whopping age of 8 months.  You will often find him in the downward dog position, trying to move around like that.  It’s like he’s trying to skip over crawling completely and go directly into walking, or just maybe he’s showing me his really amazing yoga skills.

The most iconic thing that’s happening to this little boy right now? He’s finally getting a top tooth! Horrible for us, because teething is the worst, but really exciting, because he’s finally getting some top teeth.

He’s still in love with food,  he just loves to eat.  He’s not a big fan of zucchini and papaya, but I’m still giving it to him, because he will love all his fruits and vegetables.

He made a little old lady laugh, by being all cute, until his horrible mama accidentally got sun in his eyes.  He trashed and acted like he was shrivelling up from being in daylight.  Hey, at least we make people laugh.


  • He can’t be trusted on the bed anymore.  He scoots around and I often find him in peculiar positions the bed after a nap.
  • He still loves all strangers that tell him he’s pretty.
  • He’s turning into a real Mama’s boy, he only wants to be in my arms….he never wants to be held by his papa.
  • He babbles away a storm, if he sees I’m on the phone he will start babbling away like he’s part of the conversation.
  • He’s obsessed with the book Dragons love tacos.  When he sees the book coming out he starts smiling like crazy.
  • Diaper changes have become a nightmare.  Trying to put a diaper on a baby that’s crawling away from you is no joke.
  • He gives big open mouth kisses and loves it when I wave at him.