Raising a feminist boy

We raise our daughters to fight stereotypes and teach them to grow up to be strong woman, but why don’t we teach our sons to be feminists? To stand up for women, even though they can stand up for themselves, to respect women and treat them like equals, because when we teach our sons who will turn into men one day, to respect all women, the future will be great and filled with way more love and respect.
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What the fudge, Profanity blocker.

Hey guys!  My amazing husband created an app.  What the fudge, profanity blocker.  It’s an extension that runs with netflix that prevents you from hearing swear words.  It’s even customizable so you can choose what you’re not okay hearing.  We’re hoping to make this go further by going to more platforms and eventually for youtube.   I hope you will give it a look the link for it is Here.  Go check it out.

Easter 2018

Last Easter  Carl got a horrible stomach bug that had me taking care of a new born-ish baby and an adult baby, instead of a feast I was making congee, this year was different.  Arren had his first easter egg hunt, tried dark chocolate and we had a Japanese feast! Continue reading