Beach walks

Happy Friday everybody! I’m feeling mighty fine lately, maybe its the cloudy weather or maybe its because when you think about it life really is good right now.   All the blessings in life, no matter how small is worth celebrating! I guess I should do a little dance?

On Wednesday we went on a trip down memory lane with Carl’s dad, all around his old stomping ground, telling us cute little stories, showing us where he used to live.  I always thought I had a really great memory, but wow, Carl’s dad is out of this world!

We stopped for a quick walk on the beach, sometimes when you get caught up in the destination you forget to take a breather and just enjoy the moment and beauty of things.  I never forget, I’m pretty sure I must be the most irritating person to travel with, I just want to experience everything! Except heights, sharks or anything where I don’t feel safe! I’m not a crazy person!


^^ This lifeguard doesn’t seem to be taking his job that seriously.

IMG_2776new IMG_2777new

^^ Kelp everywhere.


^^ Carl and I felt so bad walking on the shells.  It felt like we were destroying someone’s home just for the fun of it.


^^ I’ve never seen one of these guys ( Blue bottles), but I have heard the horror stories of how the sting of these guys hurts.  I felt really left out as a child, everyone talking about the sting and how horrible it is.


^^ I really like its color!


^^ Carl looks really happy with his beach discoveries! On a completely side note, I really hate his glasses, every time it tints up I just see the weird band nerd that no one wants to talk to, because he smells like lady deodorant.

What’s your weekend plans?

10 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage

The married life came easy to Carl and I, it might be because we were already acting like a married couple the day we met or the fact that Carl told me he was going to marry me that very first day.  What ever it was, married life has been amazing for me.  Believe me, we’ve had some trying times, times where life was just hard, we’ve moved around so much in the 3 years we’ve been together, people trying to get us down, work issues, money issues, all the issues that generally will show up eventually.  For us it seemed like all of it happened during a short period of time like God was just packing in all the trials in one go, instead of having these trials over a 20 year marriage, but through it all we’ve come out stronger, more in love and just grown closer.



  1. You’re a team don’t forget that! talk to your partner about your problems or any worries you have. You have a build in team mate that will always be there for you.  So don’t be shy, or hide anything.
  2. Focus on the good qualities; Sometimes the woman demon comes out in me and I get irritated  by the smallest thing.  For example; The super, insanely loud chewing Carl does. I don’t know where this demon comes from, but wow, I could just throw him off the balcony, just because of his chewing.  Being married to such a patient man, that laughs at my weird comments is really amazing. Instead of obsessing about the things you don’t like, focus on the things you love and admire them for and know, this to shall pass, because tomorrow you might feel like a normal woman again, with less issues.
  3. All trials will pass.  Trials come and go, the way you handle it will stay with you. Being supportive and not blowing up, or taking your frustrations out on your partner is key! Saying something horrible during a frustrating moment will just hurt you both and you will regret it later.
  4. Growing and changing is a good thing.  Change is good, I mean if we all stayed the same how weird would that be?  you would still be rocking your parachute pants and be all teen angsty. No one wants that! You don’t want to be married to a vampire that’s never going to change, you want to change and grow together for the better, the key is grow together like two trees entwined, instead of growing apart.
  5. Be Friends; Being best friends with your partner is just the best.  Playing and being your complete self with someone is amazing and worth every annoying chew.
  6. Forgive easily; Forgiving and forgetting is easy when you love someone.  So they broke your phone and laptop, its not like it was done on purpose?  They already feel bad enough, sometimes its just best to laugh it off.
  7. always kiss.  Always kissing and touching each other deepens your relationship rather than making you feel like you’re just living with a sibling.
  8. Get out of your comfort zone.  Get out of the house! You don’t want to have a relationship based on sitting in a room just watching show after show and finishing it off with a movie. Never actually talking.  Get out and explore, have fun, talk! and if you really want to watch a movie go out! Make a date out of it.
  9. Never stop dating.  Connecting one on one is great and is a wonderful way of feeling  in love.
  10. Make yourself happy.  Your partner can’t be responsible for your happiness, you have to make yourself happy, before someone else can make you happy.

So far marriage has been one crazy ride, filled with ups and downs, but it feels mostly like ups, because I married my best friend.

an instant of life captured for eternity


^^  We had a crazy storm on Friday.  When I say I crazy, I mean winds up to 150 km! The aftermath was quite intense, we even found a dead seal on the beach.  It really bummed me out the whole day.


^^ We woke up one morning to this.  The moon still huge and the sky a purpley, blue colour.


^^ Trying to keep your eyes open in this amazing brightness proved to hard of a task for Carl.  If you look at the beach you can see all the seaweed washed up.


^^ This is my it smells so horrible face.  The after storm smell is just so horrid.  The seagulls don’t seem to mind.


^^ Pretty coral.


^^ The aftermath.


^^ I Think Carl’s new glasses looks perfect on him.  Just the right size.


^^ I’m just a small eyeball in this giants world.


^^ Sea foam.  I later googled this stuff only to find out that its basically seaweed poop all frothed up to make this weird foamy mess.

Things are finally starting to settle in.  We feel more at rest and ready to take on the world.  How was your weekend?

Life inside the cloud


Our new apartment isn’t called steep acres for nothing.  High on the edge of the mountain in-between all the clouds we call home.  The last two days have been glorious! I just love weather that doesn’t feel like your face is going to melt off or such hot weather that you can’t believe your scalp is sweating and getting a sunburn all at the same time, but these last couple of days have been pure bliss.  Cloudy, cuddly and oh, so amazing!  When its cloudy here it means we get engulfed by the clouds, it gives the term your head is in the clouds a completely literal meaning.  I can honestly say its pretty cool.  Pretty cool indeed. So keep your head in the cloud.  Its great up here.


I’m really grateful for this rain, not because I’m a selfish person that just loved living in Dublin so much that I wan’t to turn Cape Town into Ireland.  No, I’m grateful, because there’s been a serious drought in South Africa and the rain is much needed.  All the little plants look really happy and seem even more vibrant than ever.  On a side note; I happened to see there are some squash growing on the hill next to us, I’m not sure what it is yet, its still at the flowering stage, but you bet I’m going to turn into a serious forager when I see something growing!

Happy Friday!

Museum hopping

Some people go to Ireland to bar hop, we go to Ireland to museum hop! Our museum hopping day is one of my favourite memories of Dublin.  Well it didn’t feel like it at the time, I was all hungry and cranky and just didn’t want to  walk any more, but Carl would not have any of that! He was on a mission to prove how spontaneous he is, well done Carl you made your point! And kept leading us into anything that looked slightly interesting.  When museums, galleries and all sort of fun things are free, you bet we are going to take full advantage of it.

The museum of archaeology is filled with Viking history, ancient Egypt artefacts and really disgusting bog bodies.  What are bog bodies? well, bodies that were found in a  swamp! All these guys died horrible deaths and I mean of course they did, no one ever got lovingly thrown into a swamp! When I realized these were real bodies and real people I started feeling really sick and completely grossed out, but I persevered and saw all of them! I

Now normal people after seeing the size and having to see everything twice in the museum would have called it a day, but no, not us! We headed off to the National gallery!  Its here that I finally found out what a rule abider Carl is…He made me check my camera bag, just because of one sign saying no cameras! I was shocked and kept pointing at everyone else walking in with cameras.  I mean people were wearing them across their necks, proudly displaying them! but no! My husband had to go play me like that!  Even though I was devastated I still had an amazing time, seeing a Van Gogh painting made me all giddy inside and seeing a Monet painting had me lost for words!


^^ Viking swords.


^^ Mummy


^^ Bog body…..look at it.


^^ Sneaky photo of a Picasso.


^^ I think I would have joined the military just, because of this poster.

DSC_0681new DSC_0682new

^^ This guy…..If you look closely you can see his top knot.


^^ I wish having regal painting of yourself and your family members was still a thing.  Just think about how great your house would look with one of these around.


^^ Naked statues!


^^ The detail on this painting is amazing.


^^ After a long day in Dublin its always great to know you can go get some sweet potato fries and a soda at Eddie Rockets.


Pondering about things


Being back in South Africa has not been easy for me. Things have just been crazy out of control, from arriving at Joburg airport being treated so rudely by almost every staff member for no apparent reason, maybe it was my smile, no one likes a smiling person these day; To trying to find a place to live in Cape town, that’s kind of affordable, close and doesn’t require the soul of your first born child in the lease agreement.  Finding a place in Cape town was extremely difficult, credit checks, bank statements from 2 years ago, a landlord that just didn’t want to give us the go ahead and a deposit that’s more affordable than all the other places, but still a small fortune.  We finally managed to get the apartment and the beautiful view makes up for all the trouble.

I know things will start looking up again, but dealing with so many rude people has been hard, so I’ve been trying the pay it forward technique.  Treat people with kindness and the way you would want to be treated, like letting someone in front of you in a queue, because they have way less stuff than you and hoping that they will start doing the little things to make peoples day a little better.  Maybe we are just staying at the unhappy side of the mountain?

It really hasn’t helped that I’ve been feeling so sick throughout this experience, but all this shall pass and life will be right on track again.

an instant of life captured for eternity

Life around here has been crazy, but life will always be crazy when you stay on the top of a hill and you have no car! Who needs a gym when you can carry a package of flour up a steep hill that just doesn’t want to quit it.  We’ve managed to stock up quite well, regardless of the “I can’t do it any more! ” feeling half way up the hill.

Evening walks have turned into a spot the fruit game.  Everyone seems to be growing delicious fruit, I don’t know if they are trying to mock me, but it sure feels that way when I look at our tiny balcony! They have inspired me to get creative and get balcony gardening, but its still like they are all telling me, you will never have this.

To be honest my transition here hasn’t been as easy as I would have liked , maybe I’ll write a special post on that, but every day it gets a little better and I start feeling like maybe this could be my home for awhile.  Blame it on the heat, or that I’ve been feeling sick or all the rude people, but this process has not been an easy one ! Its beautiful here and I know this will be a great adventure that I will never forget.  Lets get to photos.



^^ This guy has amazing balance, I mean look at that lean. I’ve been trying to catch a seal on camera, but I’ve been way to slow, but believe me I have seen them.  No, really I have!


^^ South African flag and table mountain, can it get any more patriotic?


^^ It has not felt like Fall here, but these leaves made it seem more fall like.  Carl taking a break.


^^These houses look so much like the houses in Dublin.


^^ This sunset blew me away.  I felt like shouting out the window look at the sky! but that wouldn’t be very neighbourly


^^ Bananas just hanging around.  We’ve seen huge pomegranates, passion fruit, lemons and a lot of herbs on our walks!


^^ I felt like this ship was way to close.


^^  When you feel like pioneering.


^^ Respect!


^^ I just love bougainvillea so much!


^^ Crazy hair and making cat friends.


^^ Pretty flowers.


St Patrick’s Cathedral

Yes, another Dublin post! but I just had so much fun in Dublin, that I want all of you to buy a plane ticket to Ireland as you read this! Don’t even worry about the rain, its manageable.  Just get layering and grab your umbrella.

When we realized we only had a couple of days left in Dublin, we made a list of everything we still wanted to do, the list was long and we still didn’t manage to see everything, but hey, Dublin has not seen the last of us.  4 months was way too short to get to experience everything that Dublin has to offer.  One thing we really wanted to go see was St Patrick’s cathedral, and its easy to see why.  Its extremely beautiful! All the detailed carvings, amazing stained glass and just a general feeling of peace, makes me want to go back and make it my home somehow.

Walking around this beautiful place of worship makes you feel like architecture and has really gotten laid back.  I mean who is going to build me a house with such fine details?  One thing I have noticed in Ireland is that a lot of strange things go on sale…I saw the most amazing convent with wonderful grounds going for extra cheap in county Cork so maybe one day I could make my holiday home a cathedral, it won’t be St Patrick’s Cathedral, but it would be something I could work with.


^^ Ceilings like this make my heart swoon and my knees go weak.


^^ Regal statue man and an amazing stained window.


^^ Its got a certain Hogwarts kind of feel to it.


^^ because everyone needs a golden eagle in their life.





^^ excited posing.


^^ Carefree posing.



^^ Stained glass rainbows.  Almost better than real rainbows.  ALMOST.


^^ Prayer candles.

10 things I love about Dublin

Its been a week since we’ve left Dublin and I can honestly tell you it still feels like a part of me is missing! Dublin stole a piece of my heart and I can’t wait to go back there some day.  As we start to ease into normal life here in Cape Town, I often think about Dublin and wonder what’s it doing right at this time.  Is Dublin raining on enough people, is the constant weather mood swings driving people nuts or has everyone finally seen the beauty that Dublin has to offer, so here is my list of reasons why I love Dublin.



  1.  Daffodils everywhere.  I can’t get enough of all the beautiful daffodils all around Dublin.  Its like a yellow field of happiness.
  2. Church bells ringing.  Hearing church bells always ringing and some even ringing in a hymn.  Its sure a lot nicer on the ears than sirens.
  3. Cathedrals.  Stained glass, architecture, the history these cathedrals are all wonderful to explore and all of them are amazingly unique in their own special way.
  4. Grafton Street buskers.  Grafton Street is filled with the most talented musicians you will ever come across.  I mean these guys are so good, they would make every future rockstar try a little harder.
  5. The accent.  The wonder accent of the Irish! Its like a song on the ears and the further you get out of Dublin the more and more difficult in gets to understand what people are saying.
  6. Polite people.  Dublin is filled with the most polite people you will ever meet. People make an effort to stop for you as a pedestrian, someone is always letting you go in front of them at the grocery store, just because you don’t have as much groceries as they do and the honour code is strong in Dublin, all around you, you see people following the rules and taking pride in it.
  7. Scenery.  The scenery all over Dublin is breathtaking and most things are just a quick train, bus or walk trip away.  From amazing cliff walks to pebbly beaches.
  8. Most of the museums are free.  Explore the national gallery and see Van Gogh, Picasso and a Monet painting, with many more gems waiting to make you feel like a pretentious art student.  Or go and look at the bog bodies and the Museum of archaeology.  There is so much to do, but so little time!
  9. Parks.  There are so many different parks all over Dublin worth exploring.  These parks are amazing to walk through and even better to people watch.
  10.  Castles galore! It feels like everywhere you look in Dublin there is a castle waiting to be explored and who doesn’t love a castle?

I’m starting to feel like I’m having Dublin withdrawals!

an instant of life captured for eternity

Life around here has been extremely hot! We’ve been trying really hard to adjust to the intense heat, but wowzers! It’s proved to be a difficult task, but you can’t blame us we just came back from always rainy always slightly cold Dublin.  The flowers, the blue skies and the amazing African sunsets make up for the heat.

The heat has not been our only difficulty.  Trying to find a place to rent in Cape Town is near impossible,  most of these places require a payment of a really nice car to live in a shoe box of a place!  We finally managed to get a place, but now we are waiting for all the credit checks to clear, it also doesn’t help that we’ve been living in Ireland for the last 4 months.   I’m trying to keep my stress levels down to a minimum, but boy is it getting hard.  I have faith that things will work out and we will be all settled in no time.


^^ Large sunglasses.  Or sunglasses for giants? because everyone deserves to be a hipster, even giants.


^^Gives a new meaning to talking out your butt.


^^ Lionshead and magical clouds.


^^ We met up with my sister and her family and had a picnic in the shade while staring at this big guy.  We were also right by the para-gliders coming down from Signal Hill.  It seems like fun!


^^ Flowers around every corner!


^^ Beautiful crab remnants.


^^ this sunset was amazing! Nothing beats an African sunset and Cape town makes one amazing beach sunset!  A tiny boat, a bird photo bombing what more could you ask for.


^^ Sitting on the beach is so relaxing.