Walking Travels – Dublin

Most of our days consists of walking around, getting lost, running for buses and missing them by just a couple of seconds!  Its been a great way of exploring and seeing something different at every corner, no matter how many times you’ve walked in one place, everyday there is something new! Dublin is a whirlwind of culture, different languages being spoken around every corner and an abundance of causes being supported.   Seeing all the happy, bundled up children, can really make you broody beyond believe!  Kids jumping in puddles and just enjoying their childhood is one of the most beautiful things you will see.

With all the green parks, heritage, culture and the beautiful old books at trinity college we sure have been busy living life and having a whole lot of fun along the way.


^^ Bicycles at trinity college.


^^ Old books at trinity library.


^^ 1830 copy of the book of mormon.  So well kept.


^^ That is a seagull.  No respect!


^^ Its really hard to find the pot of gold when there is so many rainbows.


^^ really windy day.


^^ Pretty flowers.


^^ Bus ride photos.


^^ Mary is always around in Dublin.

an instant of life captured for eternity

It feels like a lifetime since I’ve done an update of life posts, but with all the great things to see and all the great things I want you guys to see it hasn’t felt like I’ve had any time at all.  Life here is just perfect, the weather, the houses, the people and all the different chip flavours that make you wonder “how will I ever choose?”! Being able to walk around everywhere and only have to worry about the new blisters forming on my feet, and being absolutely ravenous when we get back to our little home.  Dublin is an incredible place, church bells constantly ringing and just a wonderful atmosphere that makes you believe anything is possible.

After searching for the perfect church for us we finally found one that felt right, when your soul gets touched you know you have the right church! The sense of belonging and truth really resonated with both of us.  Carl kept saying it felt like people were speaking about him, like they’ve lived his life!  Growing up in a Dutch reformed church (protestant), Carl and I both never felt like this was the right fit for us, but going to all the different churches, doing research and finding the one that had the same believes, values and that just felt right finally happened.  It was like a like coming on that’s filled us both with extreme joy.  Okay, okay.  Enough about our spiritual enlightenment, lets get to photos!


^^ Life is a walk in the park, or many parks if you are in Ireland.


^^ Pretty bird.IMG_1080new

^^ I think Carl heard something?


^^ Carl was really happy about his outfit.  You can see the joy in his eyes.


^^ Cutest lion ever?


^^ We never go anywhere without our umbrella backpack.


^^ Another day another church.


^^ making friends.


^^ I sat on his hat, I guess we will never be friends now.


^^ Seagull stalking.



^^ Whose hands are these?


^^ This place is so lovely, but try not to walk around here during lunch break.  All the office folk come out to have a cigarette break, its like fighting your way out of a smog.


^^ The wind does wonderful things to his hair.


^^ His album cover.




^^ This car must have been standing here for a while, just look at the pretty leave prints!

How was your weekend?

a delightful stroll around trinity…

After numerous days of not being able to locate trinity college, thanks to hordes of people, and just our confused lost tourist vibe, we finally managed to make it in without looking like complete idiots.  We did manage to get in a lot of peoples photos, regardless of duck running.  Its definitely worth all the trouble, its a beautiful college that makes you just want to go in and pretend to be a student and study your butt off.  Maybe even walk the grounds with a book under your arm, looking for the perfect place to read it.  Yes, it’s that kind of college.  The strap on some suspenders, grow a beard and get some glasses kind.

Instead of going into the expensive library we just milled around and really got to experience the free outside!


^^ With these guys looking down on you, you know you should be studying.




^^ Carl would make a mighty fine student here.


^^ When the grass is this green, you would never have to worry if its greener on the other side.



^^ Found the perfect place to read that book.




Its a great place to spend a blue sky day!

The Hunt For Snow

With the help of accuweather we set out to look for snow, but all we could find was a whole lot of frost.  It was still mesmerizing, so I was not mad one bit.  We walked and walked looking everywhere for those magical snowflakes, but all we got were rosy cheeks and blue lips.  I will not be deterred! I will see snow, its just a matter of time, until then, we will just keep exploring and falling more in love with Ireland.


^^ A frosty sidewalk, made for a slippery walk.



^^ Frosty car.


^^ It was a whole lot of the 90’s when we saw the grass and their frosted tips.


^^ Icy!


^^ Pretty street-lights and a plane going somewhere. IMG_1037new

^^ Walking on thin ice is really fun.


^^ Its all about layers.



^^ I wonder what he was looking at.


^^ No, that’s not Kurt Cobain.


^^ Its MEEEE!


^^ I don’t know why I’m looking at the ground, but whatevs.

We also went on a church stalk, we literally walked up and down 3 times to see the age dynamic and vibe from the church, so if you’re in Dublin and you saw 2 suspicious people passing your church rubber necking to see what’s the deal.  Hi, you just met us.  We might pop in Sunday and blow your mind with this craziness.


Ireland in Black and White

Ireland is a beautifully vibrant place, so why would you want to take black and white photos of such a green place, because Ireland looks good in any colour!

There is just something special about a black and white photo, it gives more character, romance a sense of wonder to a photo.  Maybe it’s because it looks like a by gone era, that you can just get lost in, or maybe its just because it looks so good.  I love a colourful photo just like everyone else, but black and white photos would be the soul of a photo, that core that makes you see a little deeper.

” The most colourful thing in the world is black and white, it contains all the colours and at the same time excludes all”. – Vikrmn


^^ Birds flying around in Dublin.  These birds are crazy! I always duck when I get to this area in Dublin.


^^ Church in black and white a match made in heaven.  Hey, that’s almost punny.


^^ Another church.


^^ Beach days.


^^ towering.


^^ A church and construction.

Happy Friday! Hope you guys have a lovely weekend.  I’m waiting in anticipation for snow. Hopefully it happens soon!


Take me to church…

I don’t know what it is about exploring these magnificent churches, but I just cant get enough.  The other day I was sure a church was trying to lure me in, it had candles everywhere all leading into the church, with a guy playing the guitar and to top it off, it had banners about pope Francis everywhere, but alas I was on the opposite side of the road on a busy traffic day.   I talked about all the way home, but the churches don’t even have to be as pushy as that one, with all the statues, architecture and stained glass, I just want to storm into every single one I see.  Most of these churches have beautiful parks to take long walks in and really just admire the beauty of Ireland, and don’t even get me started on the graveyards! I’m all for a walk back into time and reading tombstones of people who once were, who are a part of someone’s heritage and family history.


^^ towering building.


^^ St Patrick’s Cathedral


^^ a huge tour group in the background.


^^ We hardly go inside these buildings.  I just never want to pay.  Yeah, we cheap it out too the max.


^^Yes, that is a flannel shirt around my waist.


^^ The archangel right at the top.


^^ I don’t know what this bell did, but he seemed to have gone to bell prison.


^^ That window!


I would say the churches of Ireland are a must see, but everywhere you look is a church way grander than the next.  Just go for a walk and you will see a magnificent church on every corner!

The Cats of Ireland

I don’t know what it is about Ireland and cats, but everywhere I’ve gone cats have been drawn to me.  Either I’m made out of catnip or all these cats are just really friendly, its been ridiculous I feel like a deity or something great to these cats.  Everywhere I go I get the cutest little meow and a storm towards me, maybe I’ve got a sign on me that says “good for strokes” or maybe I’m in the cat pages for “best cuddle of your life”.   Whatever it is I ain’t mad one bit.


^^ Really getting into those face boops.


^^ The flat eared beauty.


^^ I look like a cat burglar.  Just blending in.


^^ This kitty used my entire body as a stroking ground.


^^ Oh, so friendly!

More kitty strokes, please!

Dublin Botanic Gardens

Sometimes all you want is a walk in the park, and when its the national botanic gardens you know you are going to be in for a treat.  Friendly squirrels following you around like you are in a Disney movie, ducks that are so chilled you wonder what’s in the water they swim in and beautiful conservatories that is a warm relieve to go into on a cold day.

The bus trip there was a slow painful trip, but getting to walk around and get lost in the beauty of the park is amazing!


^^ The warm and toasty conservatory.  A great place to quickly warm up your hands.


^^ The conservatory peaking out.


^^ The most dramatic tombstone ever.  Also that large thing in the background was creepy.


^^ The light is always beautiful here.


^^ It got really humid in these guys, but its oh so pretty.


^^ Sometimes you just have to look up.


^^ a little bit of South Africa in Ireland.


^^ layering up.



IMG_0873new ^^ Pretty.


^^ Cosy little bunny always smiling.


^^ I wouldn’t mind living in one of these.


^^ We get overly excited in cemeteries.






^^Nailing the layers look.




^^ Birds will be birds.


^^ waddle, waddle, waddle.


^^ Scarves are such a hastle.


^^ He wanted some nuts? or treats or something.  Or maybe he just really wanted to dress me?

Walking Travels – an Irish walking adventure

Walking travel is definitely the slowest means of transport, unless you count a 26 stop bus for 7 km! With everyone wanting to get somewhere fast and experience everything in record speed, just to get back home and relax, walking travel is definitely not for everyone, but its worth it! You get to experience a town and really get into all those little nooks and crannies.  Its also the best way to walk off all the delicious food you’ve been eating.

We’ve been walking miles upon miles, forgetting to take food and trying to eat a tofu horse when we get home, but its been really fun and also really cheap.  We like things cheap here, so if we are able to walk it , we will and we shall!   So off we would set with google maps in Carl’s trusty hands and my who cares if we get lost attitude, ready for any adventure that might come our way.  Trying to really tone down our tourist vibe, by speaking in super hushed voices, to a point that we would have to read lips, but adventures are always had and things are always seen.  Trying to take everything in and really get swept up by the beauty of Ireland.


^^ We don’t drink, but when you find the heineken factory, you have to take a photo.  Walks in Cork City.  I didn’t like Cork city much, but if we all liked all the same things the world would be a really boring place.


^^ One day we decided we really wanted to walk to this bridge to just look at the river.


^^ City walks, with our trusty backpack and a bottle of water.


^^ staring at the water.


^^ Artsy photos, because sometimes you just have to.


^^ This thing.


^^ Friendly swans being majestic.


^^ Street performers everywhere.  This guy had the voice of an angel!


^^ Christmas light magic.


^^ Gloomy days.


^^ How does this thing work?


^^ Photo taking all the time.


^^ Street art everywhere.



Do you want to go to the seaside?

You know what’s a good motto to live by? Just do it! Don’t wait for that perfect day to do something, or you might never end up doing it.  That’s especially true here in Ireland.  If you keep waiting for that perfect sunny day to get out you are going to surely miss out on a lot!  It does get sunny here, but more often than not its raining, and boy, do I love it! Its so much easier to do stuff in colder weather, than in boiling hot weather.  A little rain never hurt anyone and its rather romantic to take a stroll in the rain and just go explore.  Ireland is green for a reason, it rains a lot! but that’s what makes it so beautiful to me, the beautiful grey skies, with the vivid greenery is like something out of a painting, and when the skies are blue, its bluer than the bluest, blue you’ve ever seen! Blue times infinity!

I’ve walked on a lot of beaches in my life, but the beaches in Ireland is where all Indie songs are probably written.  You just expect to see someone breaking up, getting engaged or just throwing that engagement ring in the ocean, Yeah its that kind of ocean.  The moody kind, where dogs come to poop and rocks look elegant.  Where you can find seashells and tilling of a house from times past?  So get your coat, grab an umbrella if you want and go for a walk!


^^ The sun is trying its best to explode out of the clouds.


^^ A hidden cove, perfect for your pirate booty


^^ My hat is eating my head, but it was really windy.  I call this look bag lady chic?






^^ Really cold posing.  Like you do.




^^ windy days.






^^ Carl’s new smile, because he got told he’s got a fake smile. haha.