2015 you’ve been a good one..

I’m feeling so grateful for 2015, its been the best year of my life so far.  Every year I’m alive is a great one for me, but this year I got married to my beautiful soul mate, we’ve made so many changes for the better, decided to go on an adventure and just lived. What more could I have asked for?

I’m overly excited for 2016, future plans are in motion, dreams are becoming reality and little gifts has been made.



  1. Starting the year  sober.  After lots of struggle, and figuring out how to quit drinking for good, without the help of unhelpful psychologist written books, sobriety has been the best thing for me, its the gift that keeps on giving.
  2. Moving into our little farm cottage.  Living on a farm has been one of my dreams since I was little and being able to fall asleep to the sound of jackals was magical and slightly odd.
  3. Getting engaged and soon after that married.  We didn’t want a big wedding or a big fuss, we wanted to write vows and read it to each other in private, because our love is something that’s special to us, no one else.
  4. Going honeymooning in the bush.  A bush honeymoon on a blue moon was just what our quick marriage wanted.
  5. Bettering myself everyday and working on the person I am.  I always want to keep growing and be the best person I want to be for myself, and this year was great for personal growth.
  6. Tiny adventures all over the city.  Adventures don’t have to be big its just about exploring and finding something new.
  7. Badminton in the garden.  Playing badminton on Carl’s study breaks was always a time for laughs.
  8. I’m extremely grateful to my body, for being able to walk miles upon miles everyday.
  9. My health has been amazing this year, all the good choices really paid off.
  10. An Irish adventure.  Currently being Ireland to ring in the new year is the best thing of 2015 and 2016 for that matter.

I hope you have a wonderful last day of 2015 and wishing you a very happy new year!  May you get closer to your dreams in 2016!

The gift of the gab is NOT needed here, but Blarney Castle is needed indeed

Blarney castle is the most photographed place in Ireland and its easy to see why.  Everyone loves a good castle, but throw in some enjoyable walks in magical gardens and you have yourself a grand old time.  Walking around in the gardens makes you want to start plotting diabolical things, if you listen closely you might hear secrets floating on the wind of people that walked these grounds centuries ago.

The castle is a scary ordeal for someone who is scared of heights.  I was doing all fine, until the steps just kept going up and people started screaming profanities in German.  I was sweating, breathing heavily and feeling faint, but I made it to the top and saw the blarney stone getting kissed.  I decided to give this cooties nightmare a miss, but the gift of the gab is something I don’t need any more of.  So down I went holding on to the rope for dear life,  I do respect all the men and women who ran to the murder hole, transporting hot oil to throw down on their enemies.  That’s a task that deserves extra pay in my opinion!

The grounds are  filled with numerous wonders that makes you gasp, like Carl said,  even the ugliest, dullest Prince could have any Princess  he wants with grounds like these, and I agree completely! Who needs love when you have grounds to get lost on! Just joking, we all need more love.    Tiny bridges makes you feel like putting on your prettiest dress to dance the night away in, or just to go for stroll with your favourite suitor. If that’s not your cup of tea, maybe you could just have a cup of tea and hope the rain doesn’t get you, because running in fancy dress must be a mission, for any young maiden.


^^ Leading up to the castle you get treated with this beautiful water show.


^^ Large rocks to us means, a perfect place to take a self timer photo! Thumbs up to that.


^^No one smiles that innocently in slytherin ,Carl!


^^ Can you see the witch? People shower her with money.


^^ Spinning…..


^^ Perfect place to plot.


^^ Blarney Castle. IMG_0574new

^^ Looking out the window.


^^ The view from the family room.


^^ Castles, hey.


^^ The magical blarney house.  Where I would happily waste my time.


^^ Can you spot the man waving?


^^ Fields of daffodils.  It was like a dream come true.




^^ Mystical.






^^ It started raining, I was a little bit excited.  Its the little things.


^^ I don’t think I was suppose to be here.

Blarney castle might seem like the touristy thing to visit, but its worth it.  Its a great place to explore and go look for leprechauns.  Hey, you might get lucky and find your pot of gold.

Christmas Feasting!

Christmas is always a special time, and this year was definitely the best Christmas ever!  The cold weather, being able to wear cosy clothes, fires and just a Christmas spirit that can’t be beaten.  Ireland is magical, being here with the person I love most in this world has been wonderful.  You don’t need to exchange gifts when you are married to the best present in the world.  So cheesy, I know, I can literally spread that cheese on bread and enjoy a toasted sandwich! but its true, there is just something about blasting the Christmas carols and watching a lot of Christmas movies that brings out everything you are grateful for or just a whole lot of boring old person vibes.  Whatever it is, I sure like it.

We celebrated with feasting on a lot of food, in true Christmas fashion, but can gluten free, sugar free and vegan really be binge eating? We actually ate small amounts and binge ate the rest the next day.  We are crazy like that.


^^ That awkward moment when your cauliflower looks like a roasted brain.  Roasted brain for dinner anyone? It was remarkable delicious.  I could do with another one right now.  Garlic and herb deliciousness right here.


^^ Cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and kidney beans, mashed parsnips, roasted cauliflower and a delicious Brussel sprouts  and kale stir fry.  Take me back now.


^^ Yes, Carl does work as an elf part time.  Christmas time he turns into the happiest elf around while I point at an empty chair inviting you over.


^^ Table manners nowhere in sight!


^^ When you can’t stop talking about your brain like centrepiece you start taking ridiculous photos.  Obviously!



^^ Even cut up this looks good.

Christmas time, is always a great time to talk about future plans, what we want for the new year and projects in the making.  How was your Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Today has been a wonderfully non-eventful day, filled with church, Christmas movies,  snuggling by the fire and a vegan feast fit for a king!

So from Carl and I’s little love unity of a little family that consist of us, Merry Christmas!  Have a great day, and be thankful for all the joy that is in this world.


Did you do a Christmas card this year? How did it turn out?


Christmas in Ireland

Oh, to have an Irish Christmas, what a dream it has been.  Being in Ireland sure awakens your sense of whimsy and wonder, you kind of expect to see leprechauns, fairies and everything magical.  You feel closer to God and feel like your life is just an unimportant blob in a bigger picture, but hey that’s just me.  The festive season has been unreal here, lights everywhere, a Christmas skip in everyone’s step, Christmas jerseys and a whole lot of festive cheer wherever you look.  Even the cars have reindeer ears on them, that’s how cute it is here.  We’ve turned into the creepy foreigners gasping at everyone’s Christmas displays, taking photos of their houses and just really staring into the most magical houses I ever did see.

I know you want to see the creepiness so onward prancer! onward to creepy photo taking!













Happy Christmas eve to everyone who celebrates this magical time.  While your heart and bellies be full, with love, food and good times.

an instant of life captured for eternity

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here in Youghal.  The blue skies just seems bluer when you haven’t seen it in a couple of days, and the crispness in the air just can’t be beaten on a clear cold day.  We’ve been getting into the holiday spirit and decorated our little home base with foraged décor.  When every bush turns out to be rosemary, you better believe its going to get added to the decorating fun.  Some dried orange slices, just because dried fruit always looks pretty, except prunes they never look pretty.


^^ Rainy days gives you beautiful big rainbows.  Now where is my pot of gold.


^^ Pretty rocks at the beach.


^^ Sunny days.


^^ This seagull was such a poser.


^^ This was Carl’s I feel so violated face.  I told him to be a sexy tiger.


^^ I’m in love with my Christmas Jersey.  The wind is doing some interesting things to my hair.  60’s hair twirl going on right there.


^^ Elf on a break.


^^ Harry Potter get back into your room.


^^ Rosemary dangling off the fireplace.


^^ Seaside treasures.


^^ Scavenged decorations.  Nothing says Christmas like orange slices, right?






^^ Selfie stick photos!

How was your weekend? Going anywhere for Christmas?

Youghal ready for this

Amazing Youghal, Co cork.  You would never believe that its pronounced , Y’all.  Where did the ‘gh’ go? Embarrassing yourself is all part of learning and travelling for that matter, you better believe we said Youghal the wrong way A LOT.  As I type this I keep saying it wrong in my head.

This quiet little seaside town is what dreams are made out of.  Christmas music being played out of speakers for the whole town to hear, cute little houses with the most delightful Christmas decorations, thrift shops, quaint coffee shops,  mom and pop shops, it makes you feel like you’ve entered the twilight zone, but alas you are just in Youghal!


^^ Beach side walking.


^^Windy days.


^^ Found these tiny apples.


^^ Pretty flowers.


^^ Walking  everywhere.  It would be easier if we didn’t have a mother of a hill back to our little abode.


^^ Beautiful walls.


^^ Cute little houses.


^^ St Mary’s.  Such a beautiful church and its still in use.


^^ Seagulls just relaxing.


^^ The sun saying hello.


^^ Look the ocean!






^^ This road just keeps on going.  Nothing like a gradual incline to get your legs working.




^^ I kept seeing the top of these ruins, so naturally I had to find out what it was.  What awaited was the most amazing cemetery I’ve ever seen.


^^ tiny apples everywhere.

A couple of photos does not do Youghal any justice.

Dublin Adventure Part 2

Dublin is just such a beautiful city.  Cobblestones, old buildings, surprisingly clean and a lot of first world problem protesting going on around the city.  People walking their dogs, walking themselves or just taking the kids out for a walk.  Its definitely a beautiful walking city, a great place to get lost in with a hot beverage in your hand and adventure on your mind.  Everywhere you turn there is something interesting to stare at.

Its easy to fall head over heels in love with this crazy beautiful city.





^^ Dublin castle.


^^ Christ church cathedral .


^^ Graffiti, because when you have that light-bulb moment, its best to just paint it.


^^ Cutest couple in their Sunday best.



^^ because every building needs a gold fish.



^^ obligated temple bar photo.  We did catch a glimpse of some fresh out of temple bar vomit.


^^ Where Bruce Wayne lost his parents?


^^ Guinness factory.


^^ The friendliest reindeer in all the land.

Do you have some Ireland must sees?

Dublin Adventure Part 1

After a gruelling 18 hour flight we finally made it to a surprisingly sunny Dublin, short lived sun, but one day of blue skies is more than I needed.  We got a taxi to our lodge and set out to explore Dublin on zero sleep, but a lot of motivation not to waste a second.  Somehow we managed to walk 9 km into the city centre and explore.  If you are one of those crazy people that can sleep on a plane, I really envy you! I tried and tried, somehow hurt my knee and just ended up being grumpy at my attempts of sleep.  The lack of sleep, with the 3 days of exploring Dublin really kept me going.   I’m still rocking those deep bags under my eyes, but its all so worth it.

Lack of burglar guards, small fences, no gates, really honest people had us in a complete sense of culture shock.  We did go all South African on a lot of innocent people just walking home with groceries.  The distrusting “you better not rob me” face was used A LOT, trying to walk faster than everyone else, because of fear was also a big thing.  At one point Carl walked so fast, my legs didn’t want to work any more.  I’ve been suffering from an extremely painful knee ever since.  Every day we seem to chill out a little more, I somehow want to widen my eyes more and more just to take everything in.  The beautiful green, the magnificent grey skies, my two favourite colours jam packed into one hell of a beautiful country.


^^ waiting for the train.  I completely embarrassed myself by getting stuck in the little exiting train prison, ticket checking part.  Oh well.  Lesson learned!


^^ One of the many beautiful churches around Dublin.


^^ The most beautiful grass I ever did see.


^^ While meandering around the city it started snowing.  Carl didn’t want to believe it was snow, he kept saying it was bubbles.  It was snow.


^^ Dublin castle and that man trying to break out of the wall.


^^ Dublin Castle.


^^ A lot of people hate the cold and wetness, but I love it.  Being all bundled up, not sweating out of perculiar places is heaven to me.  Being angry at your ancestry for going to such a hot place, is justifiable when you hate the heat.


^^ Cute houses around every corner.


















After the most beautiful bus trip I’ve ever been on we arrive at home base (Youghal) last night.  3 weeks in this beautiful little town before we move on to cork.

That Farm life / What’s cookin’ good lookin’

The last ‘that farm life’ post.  Wow, time  does not stop for no man.  Carl’s CFA exam is tomorrow; Wowza,  after months of studying, frustration, worry, eventually understanding and confidence, the time to shine is here.  Hopefully all his hard work and the hours he put in will pay off.  You’ve got this, husband!

A strange calm has set over the farm, I say the farm, because it just feels like a cloud of calm just surrounding everyone. Just making us all feel like everything is going to be a-okay. Everything is sorted out, we just have to pack and we are good to go! Being overly prepared really pays off.  I’ve been trying to finish my abnormal psychology book, so I can start reading personality theories on the plane.  Yes, I read psychology books for fun.   Learning is my jam!  I’m more determined than ever to master mandarin, so far its going great, but I still feel really gweilo.  Soon I will be shopping at an Asian grocer without getting strange looks from everyone in it.  Soon! Well hopefully sooner rather than later.  Maybe I’ll speak some bastardization of all the languages I speak.  Making my own monstrous language.  Lets get to photos!


^^ A family photo of sorts.  Carl’s pants, Belphie trying to get attention and me sulking in the background, because non of the dogs wanted to play with me.


^^ Catnip box in the background, passed out cat.  I think he’s got a problem


^^ This photo was literally taken a second before he got stung by a wasp.


^^ Shadow puppets, because a storm knocked the electricity out.  You haven’t experienced dark, until you’ve experienced farm dark.  Scary.


^^ Sushi date on the bed.


^^ The lonely hat on the wall and two boxes of keepsakes.


^^ Spinster…. It feels like such a sexist term.  Like I’ve been waiting all my life for a man to save me from a future of being a crazy cat lady.  Pssh.


^^ a storm is brewing.


^^ Pretty flowers


^^  a 6 hour exam calls for a bento box.  Tofu sushi, spinach onigiri, two coconut hemp cookies and tamagoyaki (rolled omelette).   With a side of soy sauce and wasabi.

What’s your weekend plans?