10 things to teach my son

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about lessons I want to teach Arren to grow into a wonderful man one day.  Maybe its been all the horrible things that have happened all over the world lately, but I still see so much good and I still believe that humans have the ability to do great things.

 1. Work hard.

Hard work always pays off.  Carl and I have worked incredibly hard to become better people every day and do a little good everywhere we go, but also to work hard in every aspect of live.  Working hard to better yourself is never a bad idea and you will reap the rewards eventually.

2. Be brave.

He should never be scared to take a risk and see where it takes him.  You never know what your capable of if you don’t try something that scares you.

3. Be humble.

Even though we constantly tell him that he’s the cutest, the smartest, the most beautiful and that he will never get dear John’d with a face like that, I want him to be humble.


I want to teach Arren to respect everyone he meets, even if he doesn’t agree with their way of thinking or understand them, I want him to not judge anyone and truly respect other people’s opinions.

5. Kindness.

To have a kind heart and let his kindness show in his everyday life.

6. To serve others.

This one goes with being kind, but I want to teach him happiness in serving others and always being ready to help people.

7.To be a leader, but also a follower.

Being able to take the lead in everything he does, but being able to follow is also important its all about balance.

8. Never be afraid of who you are.

In a world where people so easily belittle people about who they are, I want him to never be scared of who he is or who he wants to be. Confidence in who you are makes you a better person and shows people there’s nothing wrong with being different.


To always have faith and trust in God’s plan even when things get hard.  When you have faith its easy to have a happy heart and not get so consumed in the trivial little things.  It took me years to find find faith and now that I have it I want to share it with my little Arren and future children.

10. I love him and that I’ll always be proud of him.

I want to constantly show him that I love him, he should never have to wonder if I love him or not.  He will always know just how proud I am of him, I won’t be stingy with showing him that I’m proud of everything he does!